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Uncle Ogie's creative exploration tribe! Creative workshops! Artists and enthusiasts welcome! Exploring, producing, and exchanging ideas and expressions in a creative environment. 'Uncle Ogie' is your host (also known as your moderater, Roger)... but once you get involved... you're an Ogie too!

In here, we love your:
creative thoughts, projects, games, excercises, challenges, silliness, personality, positivity, expression, spirituality, idiosyncrasy, and whatever other creative word you can think of...

Dance/ writing/ theater/ photography/ cooking/ exploring/ drawing/ painting/ sculpture/ film making/ collaborations/ underwater basket weaving/ stupid pet tricks/ etc... RSS Feed what is XML?

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Card making  topic
Hey  photo flag
Theme#120 Way Back When  topic
Auditions  topic
Bits and pieces  photo flag
Ogie Art project- ART ATTACK!!!  topic
Theme#134 Going Green  topic
Theme#132 Found Objects  topic
dance on the net  photo flag
Theme#138 Finding Light  topic
Theme#139 Back in Time  topic
Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan Appeal  topic
Theme#53 Fairy Tales  topic
Theme#135 Pucker Up  topic
Theme #194 deconstruction reconstruction  topic
Le Chat Noir  photo flag
Community & Ausdance member group performances  photo flag
If you do not like reading you can still love b...  topic
Make art, not content  topic
Theme#137 Cartoons  topic
painting  photo flag
Ogie Roll call (just for old times sake)  topic
Presentation Ogie on Facebook???  topic
Theme #1 LIQUID  topic
we carry our home with us wherever we go  photo flag

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